The waters of eternal youth, Donna Leon

As always I was very happy when the new book by Donna Leon was translated into Dutch last month.

In The waters of eternal youth Brunetti is asked by an old friend of his mother in law to look into the accident when her granddaughter almost drowned, fifteen years ago. The young woman suffered brain damage and has the mental capacity of a seven year old and she cannot answer questions about what happened.

Brunetti takes up the case but does not expect to find anything. Only when he wants to interview an eyewitness of the event, the witness gets murdered. And this alerts Brunetti that there must have been more to the accident than he first thought.

The commissario Brunetti series by Donna Leon is one of my favorites. I love the atmosphere of Venice in these books, the way Guido Brunetti ponders life and the future of Venice and the way food plays a role. Are there a few cliches here and there? Yes, there are, but not in such a way it bothers you while you read it. You just know what you get with these books, there are not many surprises.

The mysteries are also not very complitacted, I usually know who the murderer is before 1/3 of the book, but I forgive Donna Leon this with all my heart! I did like the little twist at the end very much, and I did not see that one coming.

The waters of eternal youth is again a good mysterie, with a dose of nostalgia and Venecian atmosphere.


  1. The setting alone would make it worth reading. :)

    1. Definately! And I always try to imagine where Guido Brunetti is walking and on which campo he is standing etc. Love it.

      Kind regards,


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