Last week I attented a workshop on how to make flower arrangements. It was something I have never done before, but a friend asked me to come and I was very happy she invited me. This workshop must have been one of the best things I did this Summer vacation!
There was a vase and a sharp knife for all of us
In The Netherlands there is the company Bloomon, that delivers a bunch of flowers every week to your house. (you can also choose for a bunch every two weeks, or every month, what you prefer).
These flowers are choosen by the company and it is a different bunch each week. The amazing part is that the bouquet is not a traditional one, but has several unique flowers, in different heights. This makes sure the flowers look absolutely stunning in the vase and each flower can truely shine.
Beginning with our own bunches of flowers. A bit daunting!
But getting an unusual bunch of flowers into a vase, making a pretty sight, is quite an art, and this is what we learned that afternoon.
First the different types of flowers were explained and how to begin a flower arrangement. After that, we could practize with our own bunch of flowers.
My end-result!
It was amazing to see how each one of us managed to make our vase look different, despite the fact we all used the same flowers.
Don't you just love this combination? 
I loved the result and subscribed to the delivery service. Since the flowers are fresh from the nursery, they last longer than average bouquets.

For a time now I said to myself that I wanted more flowers in my life, so this is perfect. I subscribed to the delivery every two weeks. There are three seizes you can choose, and we worked with medium in the workshop, but that is a bit too large for my small dining table. So I opted for 'small'. I think this will be enough for me. And if not, I can change things immediately.

So, as you can tell, I am very excited for my new bunch to arrive in September, and for now, I am really enjoying the beautiful flowers in my house.

I had a great afternoon, but then, working with flowers is always amazing.
The flowers on my dining table


  1. How fun! Everyone needs more flowers in their life. Love the arrangement you made. :)

    1. So sorry to reply so late! But thank you for the compliment, it was so great to do. And the flowers were so fresh, I had them in my house for two whole weeks!

      Kind regards,


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