What am I reading?

Lately I cannot really review books here, since I read a lot of French and Italian novels (in Dutch translation of course) and a lot of these books do not have an English translation.

But I also have a few new English books lined up, so here is a little mix:

Just read
I just read these two amazing French novels. The first is:
Entre ciel et Lou by Lorraine  Fouchet. This is an absolute lovely book, a feel-good novel about a widower who must honour his late wife's wish to make their grown-up children happy.

The other one is a very chilling thriller about a Parisian husband and wife who need a nanny for their children, but before they know it, the nanny has wurmed her way into their lives.
This book is called Chanson douce by Leila Slimani.

I hope there will be an English translation of these books available soon, because they were both very good!
Reading now
These are two of the books I am reading at the moment:
My non fiction is a biography about the photographer Diane Arbus. I saw the movie Fur with Nicole Kidman and although I did like this (very strange) film, I do realize it is not really a good portrait of this interesting woman. I have not read much yet, but I am very curious to read on.

The other book is a pocket I bought for just eight euro's, and this I have been reading in the bus on my way to school this week. It is very interesting and a great read. I would never be able (or dare to) walk a trail like this, but it is fascinating to read.


  1. I thought Wild was a fascinating read, too. She's much braver than I am. Although I'd like to be that fearless in my own life. :)

    1. Well, I could hardly put the book down! I would never dare to do what she did, but I see bears on the road very easily :-) (this is a Dutch expression, but I do not know if means the same in English)

      I really liked the book and will post a review this week.

      Kind regards,

    2. I like that expression! It's not something we'd say in English, but I completely know what you mean. :D


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