Cookbooks by Tessa Kiros

I love to read cookbooks. Of course, I use them for recepies as well, but I like a book that is more than just a list of ingredients and cookingtimes etc. I like a story, atmosphere and loads of photographs. Both of the food and other photographs thay convey the mood of thcookbook.

I have quite a few amazing cookbooks, but I feel I am very fortunate to own three cookbooks by Tessa Kiros. 

What sets these cookbooks apart from most others, is how absolutely beautiful they look. Two of these are gorgeous hardovers with absolutely amazing photographs.

On my shelves I already had Venezia, Limoncello and Linen water but recently I bought a third one, Provence to Pondicherry.

Venezia: Food and Dreams (2008)
This books is all about the magical city of Venice. I have visited Venice twice and I love the atmosphere. This book oozes that atmosphere. It has beautiful photographs of Venice so you feel like you are actually back there, but also of the ingredients and the dishes.

Venice is a city of water, so there are a lot of recipies with fish, but also recepies for risotto, pasta and desserts. Some typical Venecian dishes are in this book, like the spaghetti al nero di sepia, the black spaghetti with squid-ink.

Limoncello and linen water (2012)
This amazing book is more general Italian. I already wrote about it earlier (HERE), and I still love it very much. It is a book I often pick up to read, especially if I am feeling blue! It really lifts your spirits.

Provence to Pondicherry (2016)
This book is not about the Italian kitchen, but the French kitchen. And what I really like is how it goes from the South of France and Normandy to other parts of the world that once used to be a part of the French colonial empire. The kitchens in Vietnam, Guadeloupe, RĂ©union and Pondicherry all took something from the French kitchen, but also added their flavours into the richness that is the French world-kitchen.

Again, a beautiful book with amazing photographs, and mouthwatering recepies.