Dutch masters coming home

Flora by Rembrandt
The Russian tsars loved the Dutch artists of the 17the century. They bought paintings by Rembrandt, Van Hals, Potter and many more. These works form an imporant part of the permanent exhibition in the Hermitage in Sint Petersburg

Since October 7th some of these paintings have come home to the Netherlands, for a special exhibition in The Hermitage museum in Amsterdam.

Over sixty paintings can now be seen in Amsterdam, seven of them by Rembrandt. This one, Flora, is one of them.
Many of these Dutch paintings have come home after more than 300 years in Russia, and they will stay in Amsterdam for eight months.


  1. I've never seen that particular painting by Rembrandt before, but I think it just might be my favorite. :) That's so cool that all those Dutch paintings are back in the Netherlands for awhile. How many times are you planning on going to see them?

    1. It is really beautiful, isn't it? I have seen the exhibition once, and I might go again once. But I am not sure :-)

      Kind regards,


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