The park of the Serralves museum in Porto

In Porto you have one of the best modern art museums in Europe, the Serralves museum. This is set along the boulevard leading towards the ocean. In the 19th century the Cabral family bought an estate here, and put a beautiful house on it. They also designed an amazing garden.

In 1987 the Porguguese state bought the estate and decided to turn it into a modern art museum. The Portuguese architect Álvaro Siza (from Porto) built a completely new museum on the estate in 1991. The old Art Deco villa is used for temperary exhibitions. Inside the park you can also see some modern art, although most of it can be found inside the museum.


  1. Love the outside fountains!

    1. Yes, the fountains and water bassins are great, very beautiful. We were lucky the weather was so good when we were there, the previous days it had been raining a lot!

      Kind regards,


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