Meet my roommates :-)

In October of last year I got a little Russian Hamster and called her Vera. She is doing very well. She is four months old now. She is not a scared hamster, she likes being picked up and being petted.
Vera, sitting in her bowl with food. 

In December my cat Silvia died, but I know how getting a new cat helps me get over my grief. So I went to the animal shelter and got this handsome fellow. His name was awful, but I named him Marius, after the Roman general. He is black and white and looks very refined and chic! He is a gentleman.
Marius, not really at ease, but this was in the first days. 

I love how confident he is, and how much his personality differs from my other cats. He needs his own space and when he wants attention, he will come to me and asks for it! I really love him so much already (within a day actually). And it is not that I forget my Silvia, but I love giving another cat a loving home!
He looks small here, but he is definately not a small cat!


  1. Thanks for sharing pics of Vera and Marius - I can see they're happy to keep you company :-) Have a great day, and we'll talk more soon, I hope!

    1. Yes we will! And I really like sharing my house with two living creatures, so completely different but both very fun in their own way. And Marius is great!

      Kind regards,

  2. Both Vera and Marius are so cute!


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