Exhibition: The joy of nature

David Hockney, Woldgate woods, 6&9 November 2006
The joy of nature is the new exhibition in the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam. It shows the works of British artist David Hockney (1937).

He is the most important British artist of the 20th century, and had never made it a secret that Vincent van Gogh was a huge inspiration. From Vincents eye for detail to his use of colour.

In 2004 David Hockney, who lived in Los Angeles, went back to Yorkshire and was fascinated again with the changing of the seasons and he wanted to paint it. He ended up living back home again for nine years, painting huge landscapes.

In this exhibition you can see both the joyous and colourful works of David Hockney, hanging next to the works of Vincent van Gogh, so you can really see the influences and inspiration.
Vincent van Gogh, Weathfield 1888

David Hockney, Kilham to Langtoft II, 27 July 2005

I must admit I did not know the works of David Hockney very well, but from the moment I stepped into the exhibition, I became a fan. I love how you can see that he paints with such pleasure, passion and joy.

He does not only paint with oil, but also uses video, pencil or even the ipad to make artworks. And all of them are beautiful!

The exhibition begins with a film where David Hockney tells about how and why he paints and how much he admires Vincent van Gogh. I fell a little bit in love with David Hockney and found him a very warm, interesting and authentic person. (I would love to have dinner with him someday!)
Vincent van Gogh, undergrowth with two figures 1890

David Hockney, the arrival of Spring in Woldgate 2011

This exhibition can be seen in the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam until May 26th 2019, and if you have the chance, do see it, it is worth is!!


  1. Seeing their paintings side of side is awesome. Who knew Hockney was such a Van Gogh fan? I wish I could see this exhibit for myself.

    1. It is a great exhibition (just come to Amsterdam!), and I loved how warmly Hockney spoke about Vincent, it was touching. I have the catalog and the pictures in there are amazing!

      Kind regards,


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