My cousin Rachel (2017)

I already wrote about the novel My cousin Rachel, but recently I also saw the film. And I thought it was very good.

Rachel Weisz plays Rachel and does a wonderful job. She manages to convey the different sides of Rachel very well, and keeps her a real mysterie. Is she a temptress or a grieving widow? Is she an innocent and kind woman or is she a murderer who now tries to seduce an naieve young man to get hold of the money?

Philip is played by Sam Claflin. I recognized him from The Hunger games and I must admit I immediately dismissed him after that as a pretty-boy actor from Hollywoord (they seem to have so many of them). But I was pleasantly surprised by his performance in this film, since he does a good job. He seems at ease in the period-costume and fits very well. He also makes believable how Philip comes under Rachel's spell.

I also liked the chemistry between them, the attention to details in the movie, the scenery and all that.

In short, it was a joy to watch.
Rachel (Rachel Weisz) gives Philip (Sam Claflin) a tisane to help him get better. Or is she? 

Walking around Cornwall together. 

Of course this week is Daphne du Maurier reading week, but I though a review of this excellent movie was quite fitting.
The more Daphne the better!