What have I been reading?

January was not a bad reading month! I will not name all the books I read, but I will focus on a few.

As always, I read books that have not been translated into English (yet), and it always seems a bit silly to name them. But some of them are just too good not to mention!

Vincent van Gogh
I read an amazing biography about Jo Van Gogh-Bongers, the wife of Theo van Gogh, Vincent's brother. She was only married to Theo for two years when he died, leaving her with a small child (called Vincent after his uncle) and a huge collection of paintings and drawings by Vincent. She spent the rest of her life organizing exhibitions, writing articles and arranging sales, everything to promote Vincents work and get people to recognize his genius.

After she died in 1925, her part of the inheritance went to her son, and his collection forms the basis of what is now the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam, which was founded in 1973.

I loved this biography Alles voor Vincent (Everything for Vincent) by Hans Luijten and although it has not been translated into English, I hope it will be soon, as I think many people will be interested in this very interesting woman.

Little, Edward Carey
This book is a historical novel about Madame Tussaud. I do not know what I expected of this book and although I enjoyed it and thought it was very original, I must also confess I prefer my historical novels (especially about real people and events) a bit more conventional, I think is the right word.

This book was good and it was a surprise, but it felt more like a story like Coraline by Neil Gaiman. And that was a book I enjoyed, but like I said, I expect something else from a historical novel. (but then I think that being a historian make me a bit more strict with these things!)
Others will probably think this is an amazing book.


  1. I hope Alles voor Vincent is translated into English soon, too. I'd really like to read that one. :)

    1. Yes, I think you would really like this book. It was well written and very interesting. So, fingers crossed for a translation!!

      Kind regards,


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