Midsomer murders

DCI Tom Barnaby (John Nettles) and
DS Gavin Troy (Daniel Casey)
In the past weeks I have been watching Midsomer Murders. This series was the perfect anti-dote for al the stress in the world. 

For those of you who do not know, Midsomer is a fictional county in England and DCI Tom Barnaby (played by the amazing John Nettles) solves murders here. 
And there are a lot of murders, sometimes four or five within one episode. Midsomer has a higher murder rate than Johannesburg it seems!

Some of the episodes are very good, with excellent plots and good stories. Other are a bit sillier, and you do have to take some stories with a pinch of salt. The way some murders are conducted are often inventive, sometimes ridiculous, but almost always entertaining. (katapulting winebottles, drowning, stabbings with swords, beheading by guillotine: you name it and the people of Midsomer have done it to each other.) 

All the great British actors you have seen in countless other films and series are in it, and this is also often very entertaining, and it makes sure the acting is often top-notch!

John Nettles is my favorite Chief Inspector, and I was sad to see him go after 13 seasons. What I enjoyed very much is how Barnaby is a cop with a normal family life. No divorce, drinking problem etc in sight. Joyce, his wife often plays a part and so does their daughter Cully, but they are never too much. 

I also like the DS's very much, especially Gavin Troy and Ben Jones. I like how they grow and for example DS Troy was a bit rude, prejudiced and stupid in the first episode, he developped into a good detective who made promotion in season 8 and moved on to become an Inspector. 

In short, if you want excellent British acting, beautiful little villages and often good stories with loads of great murders, Midsomer Murders is the series for you.