Summer vacation and 30 articles

Today the Summer vacation will start. This has been a long and weird schoolyear, but I will not dwell on that. It is still a bit unclear how we will start again in August, but the idea is that we will start with all the students in one classroom, so that is good news. 

In the past years I had a vacation on the blog as well, and I did not post during the Summer vacation. This year I have planned to do something else. This year I plan to post an article or a photo 5 times a week, on all weekdays. 

I feel that I have neglected this blog a little in the past months, with everything that was going on. I was even contemplating stopping this blog. But I like this little space too much, so my aim is to put some energy and TLC into this blog, and see what that will bring.

Beginning on coming Monday, I will post my first article of this vacation, the first of 30 in total :-)
(this was inspired by my mum, who did 30 articles on her blog in April, one each day)
For me, nothing says more Summer vacation 
than Marilyn Monroe on the beach :-)