Vacation plans for 2020

At the beginning of this year I had wonderful plans to go abroad. I had planned a trip to Turin in May, thought about Bordeaux or Rome for the Summer and Paris for autumn. 
Well of course we all know what happened in the world and all those plans got cancelled. 

This is a shame, but I also realize there are far worse things that could have happened to me. My family and myself are healthy, I do not have financial problems or suffer from jobloss or things like that. 

I decided a couple of weeks ago that this year, I would not go abroad at all. I do not want to risk being somewhere when the second wave hits and I cannot come home anymore, or when I have booked I have to cancel again because Europe is going into lockdown again. 

Fortunately, The Netherlands is a beautiful country, with historical towns and we have a beautiful countryside. I have decided that I will explore a little more of that! I want to make a couple of day trips to beautiful parts of the country, that are unknown to me. I will only select those places I can visit by car, so I do not have to use the public transport to get there. And I am planning to explore my own hometown a little bit more. There are several places I am sure I do not know. 

I am not sure yet where I will go, but I am sure I will find some gorgeous spots!


  1. Can't wait to see what hidden gems you find in your own country. I'll be staying home this summer, too. :)

    1. I will definately make an article about new towns I explore or parts of the country that I enjoyed!
      I hope you have a good vacation at home as well!

      KInd regards,


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