Read and unread books

One of the shelves (American authors)
with turned TBR books. 
Most people with a large bookcollection will be able to relate to the topic of this blogpost. And that is the TBR pile. 
We all love to buy books and a new book is something that makes me personally very, very happy!

Especially when I have discovered a new author, I want to own as many books by that writer as soon as possible. (I have a very weird fear that if I do not buy those books immediately, they will be sold out or something like that, or go out of production). 

But is is sometimes hard to keep track of all the unread books. I keep my unread and read books all together, so there is no special place for the unread books. So that means that sometimes, I forget which books are still waiting for me to pick them up and read them. 

Recently I saw on youtube people who were turning the unread books on their shelves. And I thought this was an excellent idea. I do not like a bookcase with all the books turned since I prefer to be able to see all my friends, but turning the unread books, seemed like a good system to keep track of all the TBR books I own. 

So, I turned all my unread books. And two days later I turned them all back, so I can see them again. It irritated the hell out of me to look at all these blank books. And I realized that although sometimes I forget a book for a while, I need to see the books to get excited about them, to know I now need to read this book, or that book. 
When their backs are turned, they do not speak to me, they stay silent. And this bugged me, and I turned them all back. Much, much better!

(I have contemplated couting all of them, but I gave up before I even began).


  1. My unread TBR are all mixed in with my other books, too. And there's no way I'd be able to turn books around on my shelf. That would definitely drive me crazy. :)

    1. Yes, it drove me crazy! I thought it was a really good idea when I saw somebody do it on youtube, but it did not work for me :-)

      Kind regards,


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