Looking back on 2020

This year has been a strange one and not much fun. It was hard, with the lockdowns and the fear and all the measurements against Covid. For me personnaly it meant no city trips, and my work was a lot harder, but on the bright side I am still healtjy and so are my family and friends. And that is the most important. 

I did not see that many exhibitions, but I did walk a lot and often I took my camera with me. Seeing the beautiful side in little things is also very important. 

During the Summer vacation, I published 30 articles and despite all the stress and other madness of this year, I tried to publish once a week. Most of the times I succeeded, but not every week. I will try to continue in the new year. 

So, what were a few of my favorites this year? 

Favorite non-fiction book Alles voor Vincent (everything for Vincent), about Vicent van Goghs sister in law, who made sure his legacy was not forgotten. 

Favorite fiction book: The hummingbird by Sandro Veronesi

I did not review it here, since for a long time there was no English translation (it is an Italian novel), but I believe there is now. At least an English audio version is available. This is one of the most beautiful books I ever read. 

It tells the story of Marco Carrera, a remarkable man, who lead a life full of ups and downs. It is absolutely wonderful. 

And by the way, don't you just love the cover of this Dutch version?

Favorite exhibition: I absolutely loved the exhibition by Dutch painter Henk Helmantel (more HERE)


  1. I'm just glad we made it through 2020. What a strange and not-so-fun year. I'm glad it's done. Here's hoping we start to return to normal sometime in 2021. Maybe be summer? That would be so nice. Anyway...Happy New Year, Bettina! I hope 2021 is a very good year for you.

    1. P.S. I got your Christmas card this week! :D And I think we should really try to read another book together in 2021. I don't have a reading list for next year yet, and I would be good reading either a classic or a modern. Do you have some books in mind?

    2. Thank you so much (I am sorry to be so late to reply, but all the best for you as well and I will email you with some ideas!!

      Kind regards,

    3. Looking forward to it! :)


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