Having the blues

Well, what can I say? Things are not much fun, but that is I think true for many of us. We are still in a sort of lockdown here in The Netherlands and museums for example are still closed (why, why?) 

School is hectic and it drains energy and I feel there is not much to look forward to. 

So, I am having a Covid-dip, as my mother calls it. The Covid blues. I am not feeling very well and everything seems to take more and more energy. Energy I do not have. 
Then again, I try to look at the bright side, (well, brighter at least). What are good things? My family, friends and myself are still healthy, and that is the most important thing in these days. 

And despite the fact that school is difficult, I still enjoy the students and the fact I at least see some of them in my classroom!

I have a huge stack of great books, and a few of them will appear here. I also see some good films and series, so I enjoy that. The weather is hopefully improving, since it is now officially Spring. I also hope I will be able to shoot some more photographs soon and take more walks again. 

I also love my French lessons and I feel I am slowly improving, so that is very encouraging. 

In short, it is not all doom and gloom, but sometimes it is a bit difficult to see the brighter side of things. Especially after more than a year of lockdowns and depressing news. I do hope that the situation will improve soon. My parents will be vaccinated in April, so that is good news as well, and hopefully my own vaccination will be somewhere in the Summer. At least, I hope it will be. And I do hope it will be possible to gain something of a normal life back for all of us. 
These photographs were taken at the botanical gardens of Bologna (first two), and Florence (last two)


  1. I can relate to how you feel - and I know lots and lots of people go through the same experience. It doesn't make things any easier - but you're not alone with your frustrations... Take care and be kind to yourself!

    1. Thank you so much, and I try to remember that things will get better and that my situation is not as bad as for some people, and it does help that I am not alone in still feeling things suck at the moment. Thank you so much for your comment!

      Kind regards,


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