One of my favorite paintings

This painting, called Red farm, is painted by Jan Altink (1885-1971). This Dutch painter from Groningen was a member of the artists-society The Plow (de Ploeg). These artists wanted to plow the soil to make it fertile for new art. 

They were influenced by the expressionists. 

I love most paintings made by artists from The Plow, but my favorite is Jan Altink. In the Groninger museum in Groningen is a permanent exhibition and every time I am in Groningen, I step inside if only for 20 minutes to 'say hi to my beloved Jan Altink' as I call it. 

Hopefully it will be possible to visit Jan Altink and his friends again soon.


  1. It's so beautiful. I love all the colors in it. I'd love to see more of Altink's paintings someday.

    1. Yes, it is gorgous, isn't it? And I hope you will be able to see more of his work. I really love his paintings.

      Kind regards,


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