How are things on the balcony?

Since I had no plans to go away this Summer, I made sure that my balcony looked extra lovely! In May I bought a lot plants, and most of them are still doing very well. Of course, there are also a couple of plants who do not make it. We had a lot of rain, so some of the plants (especially those in pots without drainage) died a slow death. My aubergine decided he did not like it at my home from the beginning, and he has also died. I have cleaned out the dead plants, but still need to get rid of the dead aubergine (it is visible right from the chair).

For the rest I am very happy whenever I look outside my window. On the balcony ledge are two large baskets (not really baskets, but I cannot find the right word). And a lot of neighbours bought the same ones. (we got them all together). The petunia's are doing amazing and as you can imagine it looks great from the outside, all those balconies with these enormous amounts of flowers. Really pretty. 

I do not know how long things will last, the weather has not been very good, with some sun, but also with a lot of rain, but we will see. I hope until the end of Summer at least!


  1. Those petunias are amazing. Love that pink color! :)


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