Autumn has arrived here in The Netherlands. Last week I had a week off, and that was very nice. I had the time to meet with friends, make appointments with the garage for my car and with the vet for my cat, and I could organize things inside the house. I re-organized the storageroom and I am quite pleased with the result. It is not a large room, so I have to be creative and make sure it is all neatly arranged. 

Unfortunately the weather was not very good. It was not cold, but there was a lot of wind and rain. So not really a good time to go for a bicycleride, although I did walk a few times. 

And of course I read a few good books, focussed a bit on good spiritual books (the autumn is excellent for books and things that nourish your soul!)

I also saw some series. I was seeing The walking dead, but I quit after season 6. I liked the series and I admired the make-up and special effects department, and I enjoyed the storylines of trying to survive in a hostile world that has less and less resources, but I was sick to my stomach after watching the first episodes of season 7, the violence of people against other human beings is something I cannot watch. So I stopped. 

I hope in the coming weeks to make some beautiful photos of trees in their autumn colours! (you can see a little bit of that in this photo, but I hope to see more soon).