No-buy and low-buy in 2022

This year I want to try to be a bit more careful with my finances. Also because I still try to be more minimalist with the things I have and own. There is no need to buy many new things and I want to be more intention when I buy something. 
So here are a few resolutions for the coming year.

Low buy

- plants, only to replace plants that have died, if that is really necessary.

- balcony plants, only for the pots I have, and no more. 

- make up and skincare. I only use a couple of products and that is fine. I would want to use more lipstick, but with facemasks not going away any time soon, there is no use for this (sadly)  I can replace items that are empty or used-up. 

- DVD's. I love series and good films on DVD, but I do not want to buy much more. So, I will try to restrict myself to 6 DVD's this year. 

- Clothes, no more than 10 items. In these 10 I do not count items I need to replace because they are beyond repair.

No buy

- no new subscriptions to magazines

- no magazines in the supermarket

- nothing for the house, like furniture or decorations. Only when something is broken and I need to replace it. 

- No bedlinnen or towels or things like that. I have all I need. 

- no notebooks or stationary items.

Low buy resolution, but I already broke it

- books. I wanted to buy just one book per month and one extra during vacations. But in January I already bought quite a few more books than just one. I will try again in this month. Because I also think that just because you failed a resolution once, there is no need to give it up. instead you can try again.

To try to be accountable, I intend to report here regularly about the things I bought. We will see how well I can stick to these intentions :-)


  1. I agree with you on resolutions...failing once doesn't mean you have to give up. I believe in second chances, and trying again, and doing a little better the next time around. I've made a budget for myself this year and am trying to stick with it. Good luck with your goals!

    1. I am also keeping track of a budget, and I hope to gain some insight from it. And safe more money :-)

      Good luck with your good intentions, it is always good to have a plan.
      Kind regards,

  2. Best of luck on your goal. Don't let a few extra book purchases this month discourage you. Many public libraries have a lot of DVDs in their collections so that might be a way for you to indulge that love without buying anything.

    1. Thank you very much for your kind words, and you are right, libraries are a good alternative!

      Kind regards,


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