New year resolutions for low-buy and no-buy

Last year I tried to be more conscious about my spending. I had categories where I wanted to spend less or almost no money. On the whole I did not do bad, but it can be better. This year I have new resolutions to make sure I spend less and when I spend, I will spend well. 

Low buy:

Here I have the same categories as last year: for plants, balcony-plants, skinare and make-up I can only buy something new when I need to replace an item that is used up, broken or has died. 

I can buy no more than 10 items of clothing, excluded are socks and underware. Shoes and coats are included. 

I have bought a lot of supplies for journaling last year, since that became a new hobby. I am not allowing myself to buy something new unless something is used-up. I can only use the supplies I have (and I have plenty, so that should not be a problem).

I do like DVD's, and have bought too many last year. I cannot but a new DVD unless it has been on my wish-list for over a month. And I will try to buy no more than 12. 

The other category I failed miserably was in buying books. I will not tell you how many I bought, but I can tell it was a lot! So, a complete no-buy is not do-able for me (and I do not want to), but I will challenge myself to buy no more than 24 books this year. That is still 2 per month. 

I stole this idea from Simon from the blog Stuck in a book (HERE), who has done this Project 24 as he calls it, a couple of times, and I will see if I can join him. I intend to tell you about the books I buy, so I create accountability. 

Before I buy I book, it has to be on my wishlist for at least two weeks. 


I want to keep the categories the same as last year. So no subscriptions to magazines, no home-decor, no bed-linen or kitchen towels or things like that. No magazines in the supermarket, and no new notebooks. 


I intend to buy paint to re-paint my hallway, but this is something I think I will do in February. And I need a new matress, but I have this planned for May. 

And one last resolution

To begin the year extra aware of my finances, I intend to have a complete no-buy for January and the first half of February (so six weeks to begin with). 

In these weeks I will only buy gas for the car, and groceries, but nothing else. (emergencies aside). 

- no snacks of sandwiches in the cafeteria at school (that is hard, because their panini's are delicious!)

- no food, drinks or snacks on the go at the station for example

- no books or DVD's or other things I am allowed to buy. I cannot buy those items in these weeks. 

- If it all goes well I think I will also have a no-buy month in the second half of the year, but I am not sure yet. 

I am not sure how this will go and if I will succeed or fail. But even if I fail, I will be more aware how I spend my money, I hope. 


  1. Good luck with your no buy/ low buy plans this year! It's always good to be aware of your spending habits. I do a sort of budget each January, too, and set some spending goals (and NOT spending goals) for myself, too. :D

    1. Doing a budget is also a very good idea!

      Kind regards,


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