A few things to indulge myself

When the weather is grey and cold, you must make it comfortable in your own home. Here are a few things I gathered to make sure I have all I need to enjoy myself.

First of all: something to eat and drink: tea and chocolate. I always drink my tea with milk, English fashion.

Beautiful flowers brighten up every room, and these cute little roses look very nice in the glass jug that passes as a vase.

And books, what would a good day be without books? Currently I am reading the last part of the trilogie by Katherine Pancol, a Dutch translation of the original French book. The first two parts were funny and a good read and I hope this one is too. The price for most original titels certainly goes to Katherine Pancol. The first two books were called: 'The yellow eyes of crocodiles', and 'The turtles' slow waltz'. This one is called 'Central Park's squirrels are sad on Mondays'. (De eekhoorns huilen op maandag)
Corrado and the books
Also the new book by Kate Mosse arrived today, so when I am finished with the squirrels, 'Citadel' is the next one on my list. 

Have a good weekend!