Impressions of Amsterdam

Last week, best friend M. and I went to Amsterdam. Every now and then we go there, to drink coffee, have lunch at our favorite little lunchroom next to the flowermarket, visit some bookshops and of course: talk.
This time I also wanted to make some photographs, some impressions of Amsterdam. Unfortunately the day was very gloomy and later it also started to rain. So my photographs are not as light as I wanted them to be, but they still give a good impression.

Here we have two of the many famous canals, de 'grachten' of Amsterdam

Some of these houses have beautiful facades.
We walked through the little streets and canals of the 'Jordaan', and I noticed how people always try to make things look a bit nicer and greener, using pots and plants even if there is no garden.

Here are two photographs I made earlier (as you can see, that was a sunny day). Somewhere in Amsterdam, in the middle of the pavement, people put these pots of flowers. It looks nice, it is surprising, and of course it also prevents other to park their cars on this pavement. But even if this was the main reason, it still looks great I think.