Mouthwatering cookbooks

I am not a great cook, but I do like to read cookbooks. The fun part for me is not just reading the recipes, but reading the extra information. I like it when the author not just tells you how many eggs you need, but also tells you stories about their lives or their experiences. Luckily for me, most cookbooks today have this extra information, and even more important, photographs. Photographs of beautiful plates of food, but also of vegetables, of cutlery, china plates and bowls, beautiful linen and stunning combinations of all these things. 

Two of my favorite cookbooks are the two Sophie Dahl wrote. ‘Miss Dahl’s voluptuous delights’, and ‘From season to season, a year in recipes’.

I know a lot of people criticize  her for not being a ‘real chef’, but she never claimed she was. In her own words (more or less);  she is just somebody who loves food and who like to write about it.
For me, her recipes are simple to make and taste good.
The amazing pictures just add to the pleasure I have when I use these books. I have the Dutch translation, because in cookbooks I otherwise get confused with different measurements etc.
Just look at these pictures, do they not make you want to go into the kitchen and start cooking?

I also enjoy this cookbook, 'The Paris neighbourhood cookbook' by Danyel Couet. This book is about Paris and the different recipies for the different neighbourhoods of the city. This book also has loads of beautiful photographs of food, but also of Paris. A book that makes you feel like you are in Paris, and not just sitting on your couch in your own home.

And of course, being a fan of Italy and Italian food, I have a couple of Italian cookbooks as well. I enjoy reading the delicous recipies, and admiring the gorgeous pictures. Now all I have to do is find the courage to actually make some of these recipies!