Coffee the Italian way

I am not much of a coffee drinker, but when I drink coffee, I want the Italian kind. One of my favorite moments of my holiday is when I arrive in Italy and I can order an espresso. A real espresso, an Italian espresso. It is the only kind of coffee I drink, since I really do not like the froathy milk in cappuchinos.
There are of course other kinds of coffee possibe, there is for example the 'caffè corètto', the coffee that is corrected with a splash of Grappa.
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In Napels they even have a better kind of coffee, the so called caffè sospeso, or the waiting coffee. You order a coffee for yourself, and you pay for two cups. That other cup can be drunk later in the day by somebody who does not have the money to buy a cup of coffee themselves.

We do not have that tradition here in the Netherlands, and unfortunately we do not have such amazing espressos as they have in Italy. I sometimes wonder if I should buy an espressomachine for myself, but I realize these are far too expensive (altough very beautiful).
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So, I have the poor man's version of the Italian coffee.
I have the stove top espresso pot, or the moca pot as some may call it. You can see one in every Italian movie where they make coffee for themselves at home. I love my little Italian coffee-pot.
My moca pot, or as I call it, my Italian coffee-pot.
The bottom half is filled with water and the middle thingy is filled with coffee.

It takes some time for the coffee to be ready

But is is definately well worth it.