Paul Klee in my home

My wall
As you probably know, I really like the works by Paul Klee. Somehow from the first moment I saw his paintings, they struck a cord, they appealed to me and I liked them. I have two reproductions of his works in my living room and even after all these years, I still enjoy them as much as the day I bought them.
Between the door to the kitchen and a bookcase, there is a small bit of wall. I have here two postcards of works by Paul Klee in small frames. Last year I saw 'Black square' by Kazimir Malevich in the museum and I liked that so much, I also bought a postcard of that work.

When I went to the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam in december last year, as always I visited the museum shop to look at the postcards. There I saw a great card of a photograph of a man with a cat. Or rather, I noticed the cat and then I saw the man. It turned out to be a photograph of Paul Klee, with his cat Fripouille at his studio in 1921.
So this postcard is currently hanging in a frame on my wall, flanked by the postcards of abstract works, one from another artist, and two works by the artist himself. What a great combination.

Despite several attempts I could not get this photograph  clearer than this.
On the right is Paul Klee, on the left (a bit in the middle) is the cat.