Taking a walk

Last week we took a walk in a park called the Breulie. This is in the province of Gelderland. It is not very big, but it had water, it had a dyke and it had birds. It was freezing cold, really freezing cold, but we still enjoyed it very much, because it was so beautiful there. The bare branches of the trees against the greyish sky and the combination of the water and the trees made this a perfect place.
Here are a few pictures to give you an idea. All these photographs were made by me.
The church stands a little bit higher than the rest, so it is clearly visable.

As you can see, the water is still sort of frozen.

The path along the dyke, this gave us some coverage from the freezing wind.
The chimney of the old stone-factory is visible.

Some ducks in the water


  1. Beautiful but it will be even more beautiful in spring.

    1. You're probably right, and in real life it was more beautiful than I could capture on these photographs. A lovely bit of nature,

      kind regards,


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