Tsar Peter of Russia in Amsterdam

The Hermitage in Amsterdam is the only other Hermitage in Europe, working as some sort of an affiliate museum for the Hermitage in Sint Petersburg, Russia. The building in Amsterdam used to be a home for old people in the 17th century, but since 2009 is became a museum.
Every few months there is an exhibition, with all kinds of items from the original Hermitage in Sint Petersburg.
Since I really love Russian history, I am a great fan of the Hermitage and every time there is an exhibition, I must see it.

Right now there is an amazing exhibition about Tsar Peter the Great (1672-1725). He was a tsar who wanted to make Russia a modern country. He came to Western Europ to learn crafts, and he was taught how to be a ships carpenter here in the Dutch Republic.
The exhibition is amazing, varied and it showed a lot of the different aspects of this great tsar and amazing man (can you tell I have a soft spot for Tsar Peter?)

This year is Russia year in the Netherlands and it celebrates the close relations between Russia and the Dutch. The exhibition about Peter the Great can be seen until September 9, 2013.
Link to the Hermitage Amsterdam is HERE.
These photographs were made by me.

The Amstel river, that flows before the museum

Another look at the Amstel river, with the Hermitage on the left.

A closer look at the Hermitage in Amsterdam

The garden at the back of the museum. Really lovely.  


  1. I've heard of this exhibition a couple days ago. I am so looking forward to see it in St. Petersburg, when it is returned. Have you visited Zaandam, the city where Peter The Great stayed for eight days to study shipbuilding?

    1. Thank you very much for stopping by.
      I even grew up in Zaandam, and lived there for 21 years. But, I must admit, I never visited the Tsar Peter House (shame on me!)

      Kind regards,


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