Keeping warm in the autumn

When I am honest, the autumn seems to be far from The Netherlands, last week we had almost tropical temperatures and although this week is a little cooler, it is nowhere near the autumn with rain, storms and dark days. Those days will come no doubt, and the stores are already displaying their new collections. When I work I prefer layering, as that is the easiest way to keep warm, but not too warm, and the easiest way to combine my clothes. Vests and cardigans are an absolute must-have for me.
I found these three items that combine with all the clothes I own, and two of them I bought as a bargain. I am ready for the autumn, so as far as I am concerned, the rains can come!
Cute, dark blue little cardigan.
Combines great with a t-shirt, or when it gets cooler,
with a long-sleeved shirt.

This was a real bargain,
I bought it in a thrift shop for just 3 euro 50.
All I had to do was sow on one button,
it is in pristine condition for the rest.
I love this colour and I think it will look amazing on a pair of jeans.

The colour in the photograph is making this a little pinkish,
but it is a deep purple, really lovely.