Cleaning the balcony for the winter

This weekend the weather was warm enough for me to finally clean up my balcony. I did not do anything since the Summer, so it was high time. I needed to throw dead plants away and clean the pots. I will clean them again in Spring when I want to plant new plants, but most of the dirt has been cleaned now.
Funnily, although it is half December, some plants haven't got the message, it seems. For example my Bougainvilla is dapper holding on with one flower, and my Snapdragons and Daisies also are blooming like it is not almost Christmas.
 One very brave Bougainvilla

 Clean pots, drying in the wind and wintery sun.

 The Snapdragons and Daisies, still in bloom.

 Clean pots and saucers again, drying. I really like terracotta pots, they are cheap and look great.

This is what is left over of the herbs. I hope they will survive the winter.