New name

I really like notebooks...
I have been thinking about the future of this blog and if I want to change things and if yes, what I would want to change. It is always a good thing every now and then to evaluate things and see if you are still happy with them and if you are not, what you can do about it.

I decided that I like the way this blog looks, and I will not make changes in the background, the colours etc. (I think it is all rather cute and I like to keep it that way.)

The frequency of posting will also stay the same. On Sunday I will have a quote as usual (just not today!) and during the week one or two posts on different topics and subjects. On the whole I am quite glad with the posts that I publish here, so there will be no major differences here. Although I do not think blogposts about fashion or interior design will appear again in the new year. It turns out that is not really my thing. The focus will be even more on the places I visit, the photographs I take and sometimes art, artists, films and television series or books that spark my interests.

The name was a bigger problem, somehow 'Bettina's impressions' did not work for me anymore. Finally I decided to change it. I love notebooks and this blog has become some sort of notebook for me to write about the things that inspire me and about my impressions. Hence the new name:
Impressions notebook.