Some ideas for the day after Christmas

Here in The Netherlands we have two days of Christmas. This always makes dividing days between different familymembers a lot easier! Often, I spend one day with family, and one day by myself, just enjoying myself and relaxing.

If you also want to spend some quality time alone, you can always read a good book. A lovely book for the holidays is The gift by Irish writer Cecelia Ahern. It is all about the importance of family and spending time with the people you love. Busy businessman Lou Suffern helps a homeless man and gives him a job. Gabe ends up helping Lou see the importance of family. And although it was Lou who gave Gabriel a job, it is Gabriel who gives Lou an even greater gift; more time with his family.

If you are very literal and logical you may not like her books, but if you do not mind amazing tales with a dash of magic, you will probably love this book.

Another great way of spending some time alone is with a stack of great dvds. I have some series here I plan to watch this vacation.
On the right you see series 1 of Once upon a time. The second series was just broadcasted on Dutch television, and it is one of those series I wanted to have at home. The other four series all have one thing in common: David Tennant. I personally think you can never have enough David Tennant. Broadchurch, Casanova, Spies of Warsaw and The escape artist are the ones I have and no matter which one I'll pick, I am sure I will enjoy it very much.
However you want to spend your holidays, I hope you will enjoy yourself as well.