A few changes and a new beginning

Villa Borghese in Rome, photograph made by me 2009
As you can see, Impressions Notebook looks a bit different. I changed a few things, like the colour of the letters and the links. I needed to make it a little bit less 'pink'.
The background and the photo behind the title still look amazing, and I did not change anything there, and I do not think I will in future.

There will also be another change, a new beginning. For more than a year I had another English blog, A corner of the library, completely dedicated to books and bookish things. I love all my blogs but in the past months I also thought about what I want and how I want it.
The first year I went a little bit overboard with challenges and memes and events on that blog, but a couple of months ago I decided that these took me away from my reading. I have only posted bookreviews since (and a couple of bookish posts).
The problem however is that I also read books that have no English translation. They will appear on my Dutch blog, but of course not on my English blog. I felt I had to come up with things and invent things to fill my blog.

On the other hand I also sometimes had the problem I wanted to post a bookreview here, but could not do so (in my mind) because this was not a blog for books. It also began to feel like a problem to fill this blog.

And finally I felt managing three blogs became a bit too much. So last night (yes, I know, I should be sleeping at night) I finally made the decision to merge my two English blogs into one. I have closed A corner of the library and from now on bookreviews will appear here, as well as the other kinds of posts I already publish here.

I rather have one blog that is filled regularly with books and other posts, than two blogs with only one or two posts a week each.

My posting schedule will be something like this, although it may vary: On Sunday a quote, A bookreview on Monday and/or Thursday and on Tuesday orWednesday and Friday or Saturday a general post.

I think I will be happy, merging my bookblog into this blog.
Here is to new beginnings!


  1. Here's to both your blogs! I enjoy your reviews and your art and quotes and am glad you'll be continuing both here. Good luck! And happy blogging.

    1. Thank you very much, Lark. It was something I was thinking about for quite a while and it feels very good to finally make the decision.

      Kind regards,


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