Typical houses in Amsterdam

In Amsterdam you can see the most beautiful houses from the 17th or 18th century, or even older than that. I always enjoy walking around in Amsterdam en seeing all that history around me.

This used to be the city orphanage. The orphans would wear distinctive uniforms in black and red, so they could be recognized as orphans. Today this is site of the wonderful Amsterdam Museum, a museum devoted to the history of Amsterdam from the first beginnings to now.
Characteristic houses in Amsterdam. It was very expensive to build houses, the groundprice was very high. The solution was to build high houses. One of the many churches in the city can be seen in the background.

Lovely house with red shutters.

This passage is very familiar to me. I used to walk here every day when I was in my first year of University. This leads to the Oudemanhuispoort (the gate of the Old Men's house), a building now owned by the University of Amsterdam.
 This is the enterance to the Oudemanhuispoort. Here I would have my lectures during my first year.