Balcony, spring 2014

The weather here has been really lovely and Spring definately arrived here in The Netherlands. I always want to do things on my balcony when the weather is this soft and warm. It is too early for a lot of plants, but Violets are right for this time of year. And I love Violets, they are easily my favorite flowers.
 On the table, in a little basket.

Is there anything better than Violets?

This already begins to look great. On the left you can see the Snapdragon, that managed to survive the Winter. I cut of all the dead flowers and bits and I hope it will produce great flowers again.

These are the herbs I also kept from last year. They look like they need pruning, but perhaps I should have done that before the winter, I do not know. I will cut them back this weekend and hope for the best.

In the garden centre I could not help myself. I saw all the fruitplants and decided I wanted one for my balcony. This is a Tayberry, a crossing between a Raspberry, a Blackberry and a Loganberry. I planted it in a large pot and I hope it will produce fruit this Summer. Would it not be lovely to eat my own berries. homegrown on my balcony?


  1. Your balcony looks lovely Bettina... I'm not very green fingered myself as I have allergies to pollen and such but I always admire other's blooming flowers. Oh, and it looks like you have a great view from your balcony.
    Bits & Bobs

    1. Thank you, Jade. In my previous flat I had a really small balcony, but now I am very happy to have a larger one. I enjoy planting things and I have tried to grow some crops, with various succes. :-)
      The view from my living room is on this balcony, and yes, it is very lovely.

      Kind regards,


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