Gomorrah, Roberto Saviano

This is one of the most famous books about the mafia, written by somebody who managed to come very close.

Journalist Roberto Saviano was born and raised in Napels. This is where the Camorra has the power. Of course they deal with drugs and other criminal things, but they also have their influence on the trade, construction, politics and every aspect of public life.

Roberto Saviano went undercover to write about all this. He writes about the deals that are made, the arrangements, the murders and the extortions. He met the people active in the camorra, the people at the top and the soldiers at the bottom of the pyramid. He names them all and the camorra was not pleased when this book came out. Roberto Saviano has lived under police protection ever since.

Original Italian title: Gomorra, Viaggio nell’impero economico e nel sogno di dominio della camorra.

Published in 2006