A new notebook

I just wanted to share the new notebook I started in this week. I use these notebooks as journals, and I write in them almost every day. This is a very beautiful one, I think. The cover is a painting by Dutch artist Vincent van Gogh and it is called: Starry night over the Rhone.


  1. I love Van Gogh. I was lucky enough to visit the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam several years ago and gained an even greater appreciation for this man's talent and artistic genius. He's one of my favorite artists. Very cool notebook. I hope it inspires you to write amazing things!

    1. How wonderful you visited Amsterdam and the Van Gogh museum!
      Van Gogh has made some beautiful paintings, he is also one of my favorite painters. I did not buy this at the Van Gogh museum, but at the Kroller Muller museum, that also has some of his amazing paintings and drawings.

      Kind regards,


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