Shadows in the sun (2007)

If you cannot go to Italy, you must try to bring Italy to your own home. Watching a film set in Italy is a very good way to do this.

Jeremy works at a publisher in London. He is sent to Tuscany to convince the writer Weldon Parish to write another book, even though Weldon has not written a book since his wife died. Weldon lets Jeremy know he is not welcome and Jeremy is almost on his way home when he falls in love with Weldon’s daughter. Jeremy decides to stay a little longer.
Slowly a friendship between Weldon and Jeremy grows and in the end there are happy endings for everyone.

Some movies are completely predictable, but sometimes this does not matter. From the first minute you know Jeremy will lose his slick ways in the Tuscan village, he will get the girl and of course the writer will start writing again.
This predictability does not matter, because Shadows in the sun is such a heartwarming and lovely romantic comedy. The beautiful landscape of Tuscany and the picturesque village with the eccentric villagers only add another dimension.

Jeremy and Isabella at the village dance
Some good actors are in this film Harvey Keitel for example plays Weldon Parish and the beautiful Claire Forlani plays his daughter. Jeremy is played by Joshua Jackson and he does this well.
Harvey Keitel as Weldon Parish
So, if you are in the mood for a lighthearted movie filled with Italian atmosphere, Shadows in the sun is guaranteed to give you a great afternoon.


  1. Mmm...sounds wonderful. Maybe I'll rent it and visit Italy this weekend. :) Have you ever seen the movie Letters to Juliet? I loved it mostly because it's set in Verona and Verona is just so beautiful! Someday I want to go to Italy for real.

    1. Verona does look amazing in that movie, but then again, the whole of Italy looks amazing. I hope that one day you will be able to visit Italy, but until then movies can be a good substitute :-)

      Kind regards,


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