Limoncello and linen water, Tessa Kiros

A few weeks ago I wrote about an Italian cookbook that was quite basic (Bill’s Italian life). The focus in that book was on the recipes, with some good photographs of the dishes, and a few photographs and anecdotes about atmosphere.

The book I write about today, Limoncello and linen water by Tessa Kiros, is the complete opposite of that book, it is packed full of atmosphere with photographs of old linen cupboards, antique silverware and pots and bottles with pickled vegetables.

Limoncello and linen water is an ode to the Italian women who passed their knowledge of cooking and housekeeping on to their daughters, so each generation could enjoy homemade bread and delicious pasta’s.

Homemade oil and vinegar, pickled vegetables, bread, delicious snacks, pasta, vegetables, great deserts and many more recipes can be found in this book. The recipes are in general easy to make, thanks to the clear instructions. Each recipe begins with tips to make the dish even tastier or the preparation easier. I really like the fact each recipe has a photograph of the complete dish, so you know what you are aiming for!

I do think Limoncello and linen water is more a book for women, the photographs, the whole look and feel of the book (pink velvet ribbon) shouts feminine. But the most important thing are still the recipes, and they are great as well.

In short, a book to enjoy, even if you do not cook even one dish from it J

Published in 2012