Skincare during the Winter

Summer is now definitely over and the weather is getting colder here in The Netherlands. When the Winter changes, it is also time to take a look at your skin-care and see what you need to change there.

As you probably know and hopefully do, cleansing your skin is important. I must admit I know it, but not always do it, and I feel it immediately. My skin feels less soft en more dry then when I do cleanse.

Try to cleanse in the evening ├ánd in the morning, and you will see the positive effects after just a few days. 

My skin is quite dry and sensitive, and I do not use a lot of products during the day to cover my skin.

I do however, always (as in: every day) use a good day-cream. I use a day cream by Nivea, it is a brand that works for my skin and it is not very expensive. It has spf 15 and is anti-wrinkle.

Under my day-cream I use a serum. This one I use now is Skinperfection by L'Oreal. I like how light it feels and I have the idea it gives my skin that little bit extra it needs. A serum is a bit more expensive, but you need so little, a bottle like this will last very long.

During the night
After I cleanse my skin at night, I use a biological oil. This one I use is by Kneipp, a brand that is, again, not very expensive and you only need about 2 to 3 drops for your face and neck. (don’t forget the neck!).

It gives my dry skin some extra care and I love how soft and smooth my skin feels afterwards.

Do not use too much oil, because then it will form a layer on your face and it will only make your pillow dirty when you go to sleep! J

After the oil, I use regenerating night-cream, also by Nivea. This one is rich and creamy and it feels very good on my skin.
Do you have a skincare regime for the winter and what products do you use? I am curious to know what other people use.
But whatever your skincare regime is, make sure your skin is ready for the Winter! 
Nivea cleansing and tonic
Bottle biological skinoil by Kneipp
Dove hand cream
Nivea Day- and Night-cream
Lancaster serum


  1. Both Nivea and Dove make some great skincare products!
    Bits & Bobs

    1. And I love how good they feel, both on my skin and in my wallet! :-)

      Kind regards,


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