Books for the holidays

No, this will not be the usual list with 'Christmassy-books', just a list of books I hope to read (and those books have nothing to do with Christmas).

I have created this interesting pile of books I hope to dive into in the coming two weeks. I do not expect to finish them all, but I have scheduled much time for reading, so I do hope to finish a couple.

So what is on my pile?

  • The secret rooms by Catherine Bailey, (historical non-fiction). I also read Black diamonds by her and I thought that was really interesting and well-written, so I have high hopes for this one.
  • Onvoltooide liefdesbrieven (unfinished loveletters) by Michail Sjisjkin. He is a Russian writer and I do not think his books have been translated into English.
  • The house of special purpose by John Boyne. I reas this book before and I am looking forward to reading it again. I loved it the first time. 
  • H is for Hawk by Helen MacDonald, (non-fiction). I read several things about this book and it looks fascinating. 
  • Gewoon over geloof (plain about faith) by Rob Mutsaerts, (non-fiction). Rob Mutsaerts is a Dutch underbisschop and I hope this is an inspiring and good book about the Catholic faith. There is no English translation.
  • Virginia Woolf in Manhattan by Maggie Ghee. I have started this book and it does not grip me from the start. I hope, now I have more time and I can spend longer on this book in one go, the story will begin to speak to me. I quite like the idea of Virginia Woolf coming back to life, so I hope it is well done.
  • At the edge of the world by Michael Pye, (historical non-fiction). I almost finished this book and I love it. It is absolutely amazing, what a good book!

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    1. The Secret Rooms sounds really good...I hope it is. And I hope you have a very Happy Christmas this year!

      1. Thank you, Lark. I wish you a very good Christmas this year as well!
        The secret rooms is good, I finished it yesterday! A review will follow in the new year.

        Kind regards,

    2. I hope you had lovely holidays, Bettina. Good luck with your reading - looks like diverse selection :)

      1. Thank you, Riv, I had great days and luckily I still have vacation this coming week, so more time to read!
        I already finished four of the books on this pile, but two others have manged to be on there as well!

        Kind regards,


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