My kitchen

I live in an appartment that is not huge, but also not very little. It is most certainly big enough for me and Corrado and Silvia!
One of the places in my home I begin to love more and more, is my kitchen. I like cooking more than I used to do and I really enjoy reading cookbooks and trying out some new recipes. Italian dishes are my favorites, but I also tried my hand at some Cajun-dishes and some general/French inspired dishes.

As I like cooking more, I spend more time in my kitchen and I enjoy making it look lovely, inviting and inspiring.

This cabinet is the main point in my kitchen, I think. It holds all my cookbooks, and I also have some things I use daily in there and on top of it. The light gives a cozy atmosphere during the evening.

Here is how it looks during the day. You can see my fruitbowl, my cookbooks, the basket with onions and garlic, the little glass jar with nutmeg and my Italian coffeemaker. The plant you see is Mint, and I hope it will survive.

Looks lovely, doesn't it?

My cookbooks, my kitchen towels and my coffeemaker.

These tins are for Coffee, Sugar and Tea. They are quite old, my grandmother bought them when she got married, in 1942. When she passed away, I got them. They sit on my kitchen cupboards and I love looking at them, knowing my grandmother is close.

Next to the stove (on the right) I have on the counter a bakelite tray with oil and vinegar and also three jars with knives, wooden spoons and spatchula's and irregular stuff. It is quite handy to have these things close while I am doing my cooking.

My father made these three shelves between two kitchen cupboards and here I have some China on display. The two cups on the top-shelf I never use, but the six red bowls I always use for tea. They were sold in the shop as soup-bowls, but I use them as tea-cups. I love a huge tea-cup!


  1. How lovely! I have a weakness for kitchens. The vintage tins are absolutely incredible, I wish I had some of those old ones that used to be really popular around here decades ago - they were red, with white polka dots, similar to the red cups on the bottom photo. :)

    1. Thanks, Riv, I also love these tins. You can find many in second hand stores over here (they also used to be popular a couple of decades ago) but usually they are orange or red. I never saw these green ones, only my grandmother had those! :-)

      Kind regards,

  2. Your kitchen looks lovely; inviting and homely. The way you have everything on display on your main cabinet/unit is appealing to the eye but functional too. Also the tea, coffee, sugar tins you own are cute, and the fact they have history makes them even nicer. I also love a huge tea cup!
    Bits & Bobs

    1. Thank you, Jade, I must admit I am quite pleased when I come into my kitchen and see everything.

      Kind regards


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