A little bit of Russia in the Netherlands

Last week I went to Assen, a city in the north of The Netherlands. In a museum there were two exhibitions I really wanted to see. One was of the works of Kazimir Malevich. I saw the big Malevich exhibition at Het Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam in 2012, but here they had new works I had not seen before. I thought it was really beautiful.
I love the lines and the colours in his works.

The second exhibition was that of Faberge eggs. Unfortunately it was the last week of the exhibition, so it was really crowded and I did not feel I had room enough to see all the eggs properly. (silly other people, why come to a museum when I am already there?)
The eggs were wonderful, so delicately made, fro silver, metal, enamel, glass and wood. And beeautifully decorated, with such precision and craftsmanship.

The rest of the museum was also quite wonderful. I saw some great painting, and they also had things like furniture and dinnersets from the nineteen twenties etc.
I love stuff like that and I prefer museum who also have things, rather than only paintings.
Fun breakfast set!