Miss Fisher's murder mysteries (2012-)

Miss Phryne Fisher (Essie Davis)
The best detective series  and certainly the best period detective series are from Great Britain. Think Poirot, Father Brown, Cadfael and Mrs. Bradley.

Lately I discovered a new series that shows the Australians also know how to make an excellent period detective series!

Miss Fisher’s murder mysteries is based on the books by Kerry Greenwood. The series is set in Melbourne during the roaring twenties. The main character is Miss Phryne Fisher. Her family became very rich and she is able to do what she wants with her time. Her curious nature and quick thinking make her a very good lady-detective. She is also absolutely fearless.

She drives a Hispano-Suiza but can also fly an airplane, she speaks several languages and is a good shooter. She can go undercover in a nightclub or a circus and does not mind if she has to do some breaking and entering.  
Miss Fisher is always prepared
Inspector Jack Robinson gets a little bit crazy with Miss Fisher’s meddling, although he has to admit she is often right. Although the way she reaches her conclusions sometimes give him grey hairs.
Inspector Robinson (Nathan Page) and Miss Fisher
I also love Cec and Bert, the communist cabdrivers who are always willing to lend a hand, the butler Mr. Butler who is equally good at serving cocktails and keeping a criminal in a choke-hold and of course there are Miss Fisher’s companion Dottie and her aunt Prudence.

You do not watch a series like this for the credibility or the plot that can be a bit far-fetched sometimes. You watch this for the atmosphere, the clothes (Miss Fisher has excellent taste) and the witty banter between Miss Fisher and Inspector Robinson.

I have the first and second series (13 episodes each) on dvd and the third series will no doubt also come out on dvd.
A must-see for everyone who loves the twenties, or like a lighthearted and amusing detective series with attention to period-details.
Love it.