Balcony ready for Spring, 2015

Last Autumn, I did clean my balcony and threw away plants that were dead. A few plants looked like they might survive the Winter, so I let them stay.
The whole Winter, this is what my balcony looked like:
It looks even more depressing since it was raining and misty that day I took the photograph. And yes, it was a mess.

The Spring and even the Summer that is coming near, made me want to do something about my balcony and make it clean and ready for Spring. So I cleaned the pots, threw away the dead plants, that hadn't survived the Winter and last Saturday my mum and I went to the garden centre to buy some plants. I also wanted a table and two chairs, so I can sit on my balcony withouth having to get a chair from the study every time I want to sit outside.
This is the gardenset I bought. I was worried that I might not be able to get it all into my car, but the table was in a box and had to be assembled and the chairs fit onto the backseat. So no problem there. On the table I have a geranium in a pot.

In the right corner there is a fuchsia and the high blue flowers are I think called Veronica in English. In front is a little white snapdragon.

In the left corner of my balcony I have placed these flowers.
A large fuchsia on the left, a bowl with petunias on the chair. Then a group with lavender, a small cosmea and I have no idea what the purple flowers on the right are.
The chair is not very good anymore, but with these flowers on it, it still looks lovely and it makes a pretty sight.

I decided not to grow vegetables this year. I have tried to do that these past years, but the results were very minimal. Last year I had five beans, three tomatoes and a paprika that was so deformed, I did not dare to eat it.

The plants I have now are beautiful and easy to manage, and I cannot wait for some sun so I can sit on my new chairs and read on my lovely balcony.