In loving memory: Corrado

Yesterday, I had to take my beautiful cat Corrado to the vet.

Corrado was a cat from a shelter, and together with Silvia (I named them after one of my favorite Italian series) he was with me since 2007.
In their previous homes they were abused and neglected and when I took them in, they were very scared. But within three days Corrado dared to come to me and sit on my lap, and he wanted to be close to me ever since.

In the past year he had become skinnier, but the bloodwork turned up nothing. I just gave him more and more variation in his food, but since a couple of weeks, it was really bad. Two weeks ago he was at the vet and he was under 2.5 kg, Not enough for an andult male cat.

These past two weeks he ate almost nothing, and lost weight by the minute.
Yesterday I took him back to the vet and although it broke my heart, I knew there was only one option. We had to put Corrado to sleep.
I had him in my arms, and I talked to him the entire time.

I am just glad I still have Silvia at home, but I (we) will miss Corrado so very much!


  1. Oh no, Bettina :((( I feel for you. I am always in shambles when having to take my cats to the vet and can't even imagine how it would be to lose them. All the best to you and Silvia. I don't know what else to say other than I will be thinking of the three of you :(

  2. And he's such a cute cat, too! Having to say good-bye to a loving, sweet pet is always so hard and so sad. I'm very sorry that you had to do that.

  3. Thank you both for your kind words. I was away for a couple of days, that is why I could not answer immediately, but your remarks have helped me!

    Kind regards,


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