Silvia and yoga

Since I do not follow yoga-lessons anymore, I did not do an awful lot of yoga. In fact, I did not do any yoga at all for quite a while.
But recently I decided I wanted to do yoga again, I missed it. So I picked up my mat, took out a book with good examples of a series of asanas I could do and I was ready to start. Only, Silvia also thought it was fun to join.

When I was on the floor, she put her head in my hand, she walked over me and in general she did everything she could to distract me.

Then I realized that standing on the mat and enjoying what the cat did was also yoga. Being on the floor, trying to breath while a cat puts her paw against my face to see if I am still alive (or wanting to play, you never know with these humans) is also yoga.
So Silvia and I are doing yoga together!
Waiting next to the mat to see when I am ready.


  1. Cutest cat ever! So fun that she does yoga with you. :)

    1. Only to show me how much better she is at yoga, I think sometimes!
      But she is very cute indeed, thank you!

      Kind regards,


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