More art in my life

These are the books I already had about art (and fashion,
and Downton Abbey :-)) 
I love art and I think I always have. But I never really made a study of it and at best my knowledge is a bit hap-hazard. A couple of months ago I decided I wanted to know more about art and be a bit more serious about having art in my life.

I thought about doing a course in arthistory, but the ones that are affordable are often quite shallow and offer a lot of historical information I already know and the ones that are really good are also really expensive.

I have decided to go to an art-exhibition at least once a month and to read more about art. I’ve made a list of exhibitions I want to see and there are some pretty good exhibitions in Dutch museums at the moment. Turner was one I saw recently, but I also have an exhibition about Spanish painters in the Hermitage and one about Scottish impressionists on my list.

Sometimes a lecture is offered with an exhibition and this is a very good way of getting educated, without spending a fortune. I went to a lecture before I went to the Turner exhibition and I found that it increased my enjoyment and understanding of what I saw.
The new books
And I am very proud of my shelf with newly bought books about art and different artists. Caravaggio I rediscovered in Rome this Summer, and the Impressionists I already liked immensely, but when I saw those paintings again at the Musée d’Orsay in Paris I realized how much I like them. 

You can also see a few books about Vincent van Gogh  there, both his letters and a biography (funny, all the books use the same self-portrait).  

And you see the catalog from the Turner exhibition. I do not intend to buy a catalog at every exhibition, that would be too costly, but the ones I really enjoy and want to know more about, are on my wishlist.

So, prepare yourself for even more art here and posts about exhibitions and other art-related things. I am looking forward to it and I hope you are as well!


  1. Can't wait!! I love art, too.

    1. I know, and isn;t art wonderful? There is so much and there is so much different art, it is amazing. I do not like all art, but I love a lot of art.
      Well, we will see how things turn out here! :-) I hope to come with some reviews of beautiful exhibitions and perhaps also some other posts.

      Kind regards,


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