2015 vs 2016

When a new year is there, I always like to look back at the old year and forwards to the new year.
A lot happened in 2015, and what will 2016 bring?

This was a crazy year for me in this respect. I never travelled abroad 5 times in one year in my life, but this year it sort of happened. Two of these trips were school excursions, so technically they were work, but the other three were lovely vacations. I saw Paris twice, visited Rome and Florence again and went to Berlin for the first time.
Rome 2015
I do not think I will go on a schoolexcursion this year, but then again, you never know :-)
I do hope to go to Paris for a couple of days, and everything else is a bonus.

I decided I wanted to see more exhibitions and I managed to see at least one each month, and I am very pleased with that. I saw Turner, Emperor Constantin, Whistler and let's not forget The Glasgow boys. Last week I went to see the Spanish art exhibition at the Hermitage in Amsterdam and an article about it will follow this week. I loved it!

I will continue to visit at least one exhibition a month, and I have some good ones lined up. So stay tuned!
The Glasgow boys
I was very happy with the fact I was able to continue this blog. Having two blogs is not always easy, but I do find it very rewarding to have both a blog in Dutch and one in English. There is a lot of overlap in the articles, but I do not mind this. (nor do I think my readers mind :-))
I had hoped to keep the focus on Italy more, but I see there are many weeks that go by without anything Italian. But perhaps I should just take this as it comes.

I am happy to see the number of visitors go up, and I hope the readers who have found my blog will continue to come back and read some more!

So what were the popular posts in 2015?
Book review: The day of the owl by Leonardo Sciascia (here)
Art article: The Turner exhibition in The Netherlands (here)
Personal post; My memory of Corrado, my beloved cat I had to put to sleep this Summer (here)
Photograph: the most popular photograph this year was this lamppost in Rome.

I will continue as I was, with regular books, photographs and general articles about art, exhibitions and other stuff I like. I will try to keep an Italian focus, but this must not be forced. It will flow as it flows.
I am looking forward to 2016!


  1. I, for one, am very glad you keep this second blog going. I would miss it if it were gone. And I'm looking forward to your upcoming art posts...and jealous of your trips. :) I hope that 2016 is a very good year for you!!

    1. Thank you so much for you lovely words, Lark, I really appreciate it!
      Not too many trips coming year, but hopefully at least one!
      Up to a good 2016, for all of us!

      Kind regards,


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