This and that, May 2016

Last week I was lucky enough to be in Paris again for a couple of days. I had wonderful weather and saw some beautiful things, and I also took plenty of time to sit on parkbenches and read quietly. I loved it. I will share more of my trip in the weeks to come, so stay tuned!

I need the energy this trip brought me, since today the last part of the schoolyear begins, the last big stretch until the Summervacation. Next week the final exams for history will take place and I am anxious to see how my students will do.

The perfect bag. Or not? 
When I went to Paris, I was so happy that I found the perfect bag. I like a bag that is not too big nor too small and that has a smooth strap. (I once had a bag with a strap that ruined my clothes while I wore it over my shoulder).
Happy with my perfect bag
It was only when I used this bag in Paris, that I found out it was less than perfect.
First of all, somehow it took over the colour of my jeans. These are not new jeans and I have washed them plenty of times, so this was something I was not happy with.
Not happy with this
Worse was that I saw the strap broke after only three days, and I do not take very heavy things with me. So when I got home, this bag got binned!
Broken strap. Rotten bag. 
Great book
These past days I read this amazing account of Paris' history. Alistair Horne divided the history of Paris into seven periods, and this is done really well.
Seven ages of Paris is interesting, it has both great details and funny anecdotes and paints the history of France and Paris with broad strokes. I loved it!

Home fires and Father Brown
Two new DVD's are on my way. The second series of Home Fires is out. I loved the first series (here) and I really want to see how the ladies of the WI get on now WWII is really getting started.
Also, series four of Father Brown is almost out in The Netherlands, so I will be ordering that as well. Most people watch series on Netflix nowadays, but I am oldfashioned, I like to watch a DVD.

Reading now
Mary Beard is a historian I really admire. I bought her book SPQR about the history of Rome, and I love it. I really admire how she writes just like she talks, and you can almost imagine her telling you all these interesting things. Not all academics know how to write well, but Mary Beard certainly does!


  1. Sorry the perfect bag wasn't so perfect; why are good purses so hard to find?

    1. I do not know, but I was really upset by the fact that the bag was ruined after just three days.
      The search for the perfect holiday purse continues!

      Kind regards,

  2. Now, that was not a very durable bag :-( How disappointing. I usually have a backpack for my days out and a small beltbag for my wallet, that's practical for me, but I know not everyone likes to carry a backpack.

    Mary Beard's book will come out here as a translation in October (renown translator, so it should be good!), and I look forward to getting it. I follow her on Twitter, sometimes read her blog and think she's a very interesting person. Hope you'll write a review about her book when you're done with it!

    1. Finding a good bag will be a continuing story, I am afraid.

      I will post a review of SPQR when I have finished it, but it will take some time. The final exams are next week, so I will be busy with that first.
      I have read a small part, and hope to continue soon, but first I need to pay attention to these exams!

      Kind regards,


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